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Stolen Innocence

By Staff | Jun 7, 2017

Two Wetzel County residents were sentenced to prison Friday for sexual crimes against children.

Regardless of how many years James Ray Thompson and Tyler James Nice spend behind bars, it will never be enough to give innocence back to their victims. There is no civilized punishment that fits the crime, but we are thankful for the sentences that were issued by Judge Hummel. We hope that Thompson and Nice spend their years behind bars finding remorse for the heinous acts they committed.

In Thompson’s case, we feel that apologizing, while pleading for probation, is insulting to the victim. It’s an empty apology.

Likewise, Nice stating he has an attraction for children shows that the best place for him is behind bars, away from society.

We are sure reading the story in today’s paper is enough to make our readers sick to their stomachs. Of course, this is just a sample of what is heard by the hardworking investigators that are behind the scenes of these cases. The law enforcement, investigators, counselors, advocates, and our prosecuting attorney have heard the horrendous details. Yet, they still stand as a beacon of light and justice for our society’s most vulnerable. For that, we are most thankful.