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Protect Our Children

By Staff | Apr 12, 2017

Check out the story on Page 16 about Child Abuse Prevention Month.

We hope that when people read news releases about Child Abuse Prevention Month – and spot the pinwheels throughout our community – they think about the importance of what Child Abuse Prevention Month stands for.

Though we are glad a month is dedicated to the topic, we think Child Abuse Prevention is something we should all think about, often.

Unfortunately, crimes committed against the most innocent of our society are fairly common. We have all witnessed news reports about heinous crimes committed against children. Sadly, that is just a portion of the reality of today’s world.

We are grateful that our county has taken such a strong stance on the issue of Child Abuse Prevention. We are blessed with so many great resources, as exemplified from the photo on accompanying the Page 16 article, and we are grateful for the beacon of light that The Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center shines throughout the community, showing that there is hope and help for those who have suffered abuse.

In the meantime, read the release on page 16, and find out about the organizations that have gathered together to speak out on child abuse prevention.

Find out ways that you can take a stand against child abuse.