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The Friends of Paden City Pool

By Staff | Mar 29, 2017

We think it is very admirable the lengths our community goes to, to ensure that kids have a fun, productive, and – most of all – safe summer.

In last week’s Wetzel County Commission story, we reported how the members of the Friends of Paden City Pool took it upon themselves to make sure Paden City’s pool opened last year. Their work was purely volunteer, and we are sure the task was not an easy one. They raised money, and they did manual labor as well – performing necessary maintenance on the pool.

This passion for the community and its youth isn’t just in Paden City either. In the past year, all areas of the county have seen improvements in its parks. Some improvements are thanks to the cities’ parks and recreation committees themselves. Other improvements are thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens.

Regardless of where the improvements come from, this is exactly what our area needs. We appreciate the hard work of those who are making an investment in our community’s future.

Many like to complain that our area has nothing to offer its youth, and it often seems like drugs and crime are winning. Sometimes we might have to take the initiative and get our hands dirty ourselves though. Be part of the solution. See if, and how, you can help. Support your parks.

Though the work may be hard, these workers and volunteers understand that the benefits are priceless.