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Preserve History

By Staff | Mar 22, 2017

There are many perks to the job as a reporter, but we would have to say one of the biggest rewards is featured on the front of our paper this week.

The interview with World War II Veteran Bill Cross is one we will not quickly forget. We hope no one else forsakes Cross’ words of knowledge and wisdom either. Cross grew up in a time unfamiliar to many of us, and though we can all depend on history books for the cold cut facts on a period of time, speaking with someone who has first-hand knowledge is so unique, and so priceless.

Not only did Cross give us a picture of the past, but he also gave some insight on something we all struggle with every now and then – getting through this journey called life. Though the decades are different, Cross’ story shows us that holding true to the basics – family, faith, hard work, and treasuring the simple pleasures around us – we can all make it through, day by day.