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By Staff | Feb 15, 2017

This week’s paper has many examples of the good that can result from teamwork, from people joining together for a good cause.

Take a look at our story on The Gabriel Project.

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of 15 area women, approximately 50 babies will have a warm and soft place to lie their heads, that they might not have otherwise had.

Thanks to the giving spirit of patrons and visitors of Anytime Fitness, a memorial has been purchased in honor of K-9 Officer Kenny, who protected and served his community for years, making it safer.

Thanks to the generosity of patrons at Mountain Valley Veterinary Clinic, as well as MVVC’s matching donations, some furry friends will have continued care at the Olive Branch Animal Rescue & Refuge and Wetzel County Animal Shelter.

The examples of teamwork do not end there however.

The Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center, whose Open House is featured on our front page, does a world of good to the communities it serves, thanks to various professionals coming together to help society’s most vulnerable.

And, of course, teamwork is always evident in the pages of our sports section. We doubt our area teams would excel as well as they do if the athletes didn’t work together, and encourage one another.

The opportunities are endless when folks come together, to do good. And thankfully, this spirit seems very much abundant in Wetzel County.