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A Promising Sign

By Staff | Feb 8, 2017

It was promising to see so many people gather for a common purpose on Monday, Jan. 30 at the Wetzel County Mollohan Center. Public officials and local citizens met to discuss the issue of trains blocking Route 2 in New Martinsville. In just a little more than an hour, this group discussed the issue, voiced their concerns, and came up with a plan to perhaps give their constituents and neighbors some relief.

Time will tell what the long-term results of the plan will be, but all in attendance appeared to agree that there was a problem. A problem that perhaps could even put lives at risk, when it comes to emergency personnel needing to respond to a call.

We applaud those who attended. Regardless of their position, office, or party affiliation, these individuals came together in a way that some on the national level could learn from.

We feel blessed to have these officials representing us, and constantly working – together – for a better tomorrow.