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Farewell, and Thank You

By Staff | Jan 4, 2017

It’s bittersweet to see so many fine Wetzel County citizens retiring from public service. Personally, we here at the Wetzel Chronicle have worked with Brenda Duke, Sharon Dulaney, John Brookover, and Don Mason on separate occasions. From being the friendly voice that answered the phone at the prosecutor’s office, to keeping us up-to-date on the criminal court docket – regardless of their job, each of these individuals made our job easier in their own way. These individuals possessed years of experience and each had a knack for their line of work.

They each leave big shoes to fill.

We can guess that public service can be quite tiresome. Each were subject to the public, sometimes critical, eye. For those who worked in law enforcement or the court system, they had to quietly witness behind-the-scenes hardships that no one else was privy to.

And besides those negatives, we are sure Ms. Duke, Ms. Dulaney, Mr. Brookover, and Mr. Mason each have personal lives, with families that they want to focus on now.

To these retirees, we bid farewell. We thank them for having been an asset to our community.