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A Perfect Example

By Staff | Dec 7, 2016

The robbery at Koontz’s Country Cupboard in Littleton serves as an example as to why the West Virginia State Police detachment in Hundred needs to stay.

Crime isn’t on the down-slide, and it would seem that people are willing to do anything for money – even busting into a business and dragging an ATM out with an ATV.

Without Hundred’s state police detachment, the nearest detachment for residents in the area will be an hour away.

In 2014, when the detachment was in danger of closing, Prosecuting Attorney Tim Haught had said an increase of crime in the Hundred/Littleton area was due to the area’s proximity to Morgantown and Fairmont in West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, and the drug traffic associated with those areas.

So why two years later, especially after a triple homicide in the region, would we basically cut down on police protection in that area?

We understand the need to save money, but at what intangible cost will money be saved?

We fear the answer to that question.