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Keep Hundred WVSP Open

By Staff | Nov 30, 2016

Like many, we were upset last week to receive the news that Hundred’s West Virginia State Police detachment is closing.

Furthermore, we were surprised when we reached out to local officials for comment, and quickly realized that our county’s own prosecuting attorney was not yet familiar with the news.

Prosecuting Attorney Tim Haught later remarked that it was a combination of social media posts – and our contacting him for comment – that alerted him to the unfortunate news.

And really, unfortunate is a mild term for the news.

We feel the loss of the Hundred WVSP detachment will be devastating to the area.

Just take a look at the news headlines from the past couple of years, like when officers from the Hundred WVSP detachment were credited with solving the grisly Littleton triple homicide.

Or sit in on a few sessions of circuit court to listen to the criminal cases on the docket. Many drug-related offenses have had ties to the Hundred/Littleton area, and have subsequently been investigated by those officers from the detachment, a detachment that allows them to keep a close connection to the area and its people.

We don’t know what it would take to keep the detachment open. We certainly believe Delegate Dave Pethtel, when he says that he has done all he can do. We believe that he, and other officials, have been loud and clear about their objections to the closure. We hope that somehow, it hasn’t been too late for our voices to be heard.