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Vote for Morrisey, Warner, Leonhardt

By Staff | Nov 2, 2016

Behind the governor, three of the most important state government positions in West Virginia are attorney general, secretary of state and commissioner of agriculture. We need the very best people in those offices.

We need Patrick Morrisey as attorney general, Mac Warner as secretary of state and Kent Leonhardt as commissioner of agriculture.

Morrisey is an easy choice in the Nov. 8 election. While serving as attorney general for nearly four years, he has built a national name through his leadership of court challenges to President Barack Obama’s war on coal and affordable electricity.

No other state official has been as active and effective in battling the epidemic of drug abuse that plagues our state.

And, Morrisey’s energetic consumer protection department has helped safeguard West Virginians against con artists, both individual and corporate, who would victimize us.

With vote fraud being alleged in national politics, West Virginians are reminded our chief election officer, the secretary of state, needs to be the very best person available.

Mac Warner fits that description. An Army veteran who spent years overseas helping to improve justice systems in other countries, Warner has a clear grasp of the secretary of state’s function in ensuring elections are open and honest. He also understands that by cutting some of the red tape facing businesses, the secretary of state can help promote job creation.

His opponent, incumbent Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, has supported both Obama and Democrat candidate for president Hillary Clinton. Her stewardship of the secretary of state’s office has been flawed – to the point that before one election, she personally broke the law against campaigning near a polling place.

Leonhardt, who serves our area as state senator, is familiar to local residents. A farmer himself and U.S. Marine veteran, he favors using the Agriculture Department to help West Virginia farmers and consumers, not compete with them.

The Wetzel Chronicle endorses Morrisey, Warner and Leonhardt and recommends local residents vote for them in the Nov. 8