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Stay Safe This Halloween

By Staff | Oct 26, 2016

The season for tricks or treats is upon us once more, and throughout the next few days, kids will have a variety of opportunities to participate in Halloween fun. Though we wouldn’t want to rain on anyone’s Halloween parade, we think it is imperative for all of us to remember basic Halloween safety tips. We’ve heard them before, but they are worth repeating: remember to choose familiar neighborhoods; check your child’s candy before he or she (or you!) consume it; be sure your child is visible (consider reflective tape). And, may we all remain alert to the many, many pedestrians crossing the streets during trick-or-treat times.

And while planning this year’s Halloween fun, may we also suggest participating in some local, organized Halloween events, such as the Boo at Bruce Park on Friday.

Events such as this one are planned by local entities and guarantee some safe Halloween fun for everyone.