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An Important Visit

By Staff | Oct 5, 2016

A group of students from Magnolia and Paden City high schools had the opportunity Monday to hear from United States Senator Joe Manchin.

Sure, the senator wanted to remind students to consider applying for service academies, but he also took the time to talk to them about other topics of importance – such as the drug abuse epidemic.

And when we say he talked to students, we mean those words.

The senator didn’t speak at a podium. He didn’t have notes; and he surely didn’t have a teleprompter either.

Manchin spoke on the importance of an education, the importance of working hard, and the importance of finding value in oneself. He spoke with ease in a way that showed he didn’t have to force his words… he meant what he said.

Manchin didn’t give a 15 minute prepared speech either.

He spoke for approximately an hour until his staff gave him the sign that it was time to move on to his next appointment.

The senator spoke volumes when he talked about introducing oneself. He doesn’t approve of saying “I’m United States Senator Joe Manchin.” Instead, he prefers “I’m Joe Manchin.” Despite his distinguished and impressive job title, the senator is still a human being just like the rest of us. He wants to make sure we know that.

Many of the students Manchin spoke to will be voting in the upcoming election. And in an election season like none other – where insults are hurled and mud is slung on a daily basis – it’s nice for students to see that no matter which side of the aisle you may sit on, there are still politicians out who weren’t “raised that way.” There are still politicians that are just your everyday average Joe.