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Thank You For Your Support

By Staff | Sep 14, 2016

Wetzel County Schools is blessed to be able to regularly make improvements to its facilities. The director of facilities and maintenance, Brian Jones, gave a presentation on the past year’s work at the Tuesday, Sept. 6 board meeting. However, if you were unable to make it to that meeting, we hope you will consider going to one of the upcoming Local School Improvement Council meetings, where the administrators at each of the schools are slated to review some of the improvements completed over the recent summer break.

Whether it is as small as a fresh coat of paint on a wall, or as big as a brand new music room or meats lab, every improvement or addition costs time and money. Yet we are sure it makes students and staff, alike, more excited about entering the school’s doors. It increases the attractiveness of Wetzel County Schools, and it allows the community to take pride in its facilities.

And we hope you do take pride in our county’s schools. After all, it’s because of you that the school system is able to afford such facelifts. The board members never fail to mention that it is because of the taxpayers, and their support of the excess levy, that the school system is able to do what it does.

We hope you recognize that, and continue your support.