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The Blessings of a Small Community

By Staff | Aug 31, 2016

The picture on our front page says a lot.

No, we do not mean the dramatic picture of the large cloud of chlorine hovering above Axiall. We mean the photo of New Martinsville Police Department’s Jason Utt, and Magnolia High School Principal Kathi Schmalz.

Saturday’s chlorine leak wasn’t just a weekend inconvenience. It was a frightening, unpredictable situation.

Yet it served, as many intense situations do, to show us how strong we are as a community. Utt quickly stepped into action, making contact with Schmalz. Together, they began putting a plan into action. It is incredible that in a mere half hour, MHS was ready to shelter those who were evacuated.

Area businesses were contacted; those owners did not hesitate to bring food, water, whatever was needed, to those who were sheltered.

Meanwhile, Emergency Service Personnel and other law enforcement officers worked to bring those who were being evacuated to the school. They later took them home, when the danger had passed.

In a situation that was unexpected and uncertain, we salute those who stepped up and took fearless charge. We are grateful to be your neighbor.