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Kudos to Hundred

By Staff | Aug 3, 2016

We were delighted to hear about all of the major renovations Hundred Pool has undergone prior to its Summer 2016 opening. From lighting, to new toilets, to fresh coats of paint, there is something for every pool-goer to appreciate.

The renovation story also shows the wonders that can occur when everyone bands together for a common purpose, when everyone chips in where they may be most useful.

For instance, kindhearted volunteers stepped forward for different portions of the project, whether it be to help with the electrical upgrades or to help with the plumbing. Theresa Briggs noted that she, now the certified pool operator, is a stickler for pristine water, and Sierra Lemley seems to have quite the talent with the paintbrush.

The commission’s generous donation to the pool committee has served as an investment that has already had impressive returns. It’s shown how everyone can band together to accomplish something they, and the entire community, can be proud of.