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Law Enforcement — We Thank You

By Staff | Jul 20, 2016

The recent attacks on law enforcement throughout the United States are shocking and heart-wrenching.

Men and women in law enforcement do not wake each morning with intentions to kill; however, the murderers of Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers awoke with every intention of inflicting harm and killing. Those who perpetrated those acts are cowards.

And those who riot against and recklessly slander law enforcement have done nothing but made bigger targets on the backs of our men and women who so bravely wear the badge.

We are not saying that police officers are above the law, and people absolutely have the right to voice their opinions. Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that the whole story of an individual shot, and killed, by police is rarely told through grainy surveillance footage, or amateur cellphone video.

Uninformed viewers acting as experts and making rash presumptions do nothing but add fuel to those who have an unreasonable hatred of law enforcement.

As for us, we salute those who have chosen to serve and protect us. We salute those who awake each and every morning to keep our communities safe, to keep mere strangers safe, and to keep even those who despise them safe.

The men and women of law enforcement – we see you, and we thank you.