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Clean Air Regulation Affects Many People

By Staff | Jul 6, 2016

The Wetzel-Tyler Board of Health will be voting Tuesday, July 12 on its proposed Clean Air Regulation of 2016.

It’s safe to say that this issue has sparked a debate, and both sides present noteworthy arguments.

There is no denying the negative effects of smoking. Countless studies have shown that smoking, and inhaling secondhand smoke, can cause detrimental effects to one’s health.

Yet, many wonder if it is fair to tell those that enjoy private clubs – such as the local American Legions and Moose Lodge – that they cannot smoke behind their closed doors… doors that one can choose whether or not to enter.

But what about delivery drivers whose jobs take them into such establishments? What about fire marshals and health inspectors? They are subject to secondhand smoke, as well as third-hand smoke, which is now being studied more in-depth.

There is no doubt that this proposed smoking ban is an issue that presents many questions. Questions that are sure to be raised at Tuesday’s meeting. Whichever side of the debate you stand on, we encourage you to attend and let your voice be heard.