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Make the Most of Summer

By Staff | Jun 8, 2016

Wetzel County Schools has let out for the summer, and consequently kids have ended up with an extra eight hours of free time each day. What will they do to fill that time? In a world that is always striving to reach the next level technology-wise, it may be tempting for kids to spend their carefree summer days glued to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

Encourage your kids to disconnect from the Internet, and connect with their community.

Let’s encourage our local youth to make the most of their freedom this summer.

Last week we ran a story on a local cub scout camp at the 4-H grounds; this week we have notices in the paper about various camps New Martinsville Parks and Recreation is hosting. Furthermore, several churches will be holding various camps and vacation Bible schools through the upcoming weeks.

Perhaps your child can find some adventure inside the doors of the local libraries, or maybe outdoor pursuits are more appealing.

Whatever may interest your child, encourage him or her to pursue it this summer.

The possibilities are endless.