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The Price of Freedom

By Staff | Jun 1, 2016

Jim Miller speaks at Hannibal's Memorial Day services.

We were very moved Monday by the words spoken by Jim Miller at Hannibal American Legion’s Memorial Day ceremony. The humble Miller later told us that his speech “dreadfully falls short as my words are inadequate to pay a fitting tribute to those who gave their life for our country.”

Regardless, we think all of us could benefit from Miller’s words.

As he said, Memorial Day is more than just a one-day event happening once a year.

“The price of freedom would humble us if we could see the pain and suffering, heartache and tears of widows, children, and parents shed at home or at a cemetery,” Miller said.

He later added, “The price of free never changes; it requires individuals who are willing to give up all their tomorrows so that we can have ours.”

May we never forget that. May we live each day in abundant gratitude for those who were willing, and perhaps did, do just that.