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Running a Clean Campaign

By Staff | Apr 20, 2016

United States Congressman David McKinley brought up a good point during his April 8 interview with the Wetzel Chronicle: candidates need to stop the name-calling. McKinley was referring to the election for United States President, but his advice should be heeded in local elections as well.

Furthermore, this advice is useful for both the candidates and their supporters.

There is nothing wrong with healthy competition, with healthy debate.

It’s absolutely important to want the right person for the job. That is what we all want, someone who has our best interests in mind. Hopefully, someone honest and respectful. So let’s keep in mind the importance of being respectful. Try to keep in mind that the opposition are people too. They may have children or grandchildren, nieces and/or nephews. Keep that in mind before you begin to blast him or her in public, perhaps unknowingly in the presence of his or her family. Choose to be respectful before typing a rumor-filled rant on social media. Politicians are humans as well, especially the candidates in our county. When this election is over, they will still be our neighbors.