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No Excuses for Dotson

By Staff | Feb 17, 2016

Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught had some strong words for Defendant Jonathan Douglas Dotson on Feb. 11 in Wetzel County Circuit Court.

We applaud Haught’s point-of-view and agree with him 100 percent.

Too often we hear drug offenders make excuses and shift the blame for their actions – a poor upbringing or pressure from friends is the reason they have turned to drugs.

Perhaps what is most ludicrous is the excuse given for Dotson’s probation violation: the system failed him.

The system did not fail Dotson. The system gave Dotson a second chance.

The probation office is not a babysitting service. The number of defendants the probation office is required to keep track of is overwhelming. As is all the pre-sentencing reports and special training required.

There is no denying that our area has been caught in the web of destruction that drugs cause. And now, recent news reports mention a deadlier form of heroin hitting the streets. Soon, there is likely to be more defendants going through the system.

If a second chance to start fresh, probation, is considered a failure in the system… then perhaps no chance at all should be considered for those who shift the blame. Perhaps an extended stay behind bars is what is best – a chance to “dry out.”