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Discretion, Tact Are Important

By Staff | Feb 10, 2016

It seems as if our local area has been ridden with turmoil lately. Bad news has hit every geographical area around our county, as well as our own area.

Whether it is a fatal accident, or a local resident succumbing to a disease, a tragedy seems to affect each one of us in a community, whether or not we have a personal one-on-one connection to the individuals who are lost.

As mentioned in last week’s editorial, we live in time of instant connectivity, thanks to technology. This can be great in some circumstances, yet it can also be ugly when it comes to bad news. Sometimes social media becomes a platform for who can spread the latest “news” first. Users have the tendency to quickly update a status without regard to who might lay eyes on it, or without regard to the possibility of the news being incorrect. A name of a deceased individual might be mentioned prior to a family finding out the terrible news about their loved one. Updating a status to give second, or third, hand information about a person suffering from an illness might cause a heartbreaking situation when the information is found to be false. We have all heard the old saying, “loose lips sink ships,” and though it is a good lesson to remember when speaking to another, perhaps it is even more important when updating that ever-so-important status on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s good to ask for thoughts and prayers in a painful situation, yet it is also just as important to show tact and discretion.

We so often preach to our children the importance of safety on social media, yet it is important for us to act responsibly too, as our own actions could possibly unintentionally harm another.