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Hail Hundred High

By Staff | Jan 20, 2016

Hundred High School in Wetzel County is on the right track when it comes to nudging students in the right direction.

This is obvious in this week’s Chronicle.

We could not have been more excited when we were invited to attend Hundred High School’s “Fall Awards” day. Whether it was for perfect attendance or for showing school spirit, each Hornet had the opportunity to shine.

In his speech to his peers, HHS Student Body President Andrew King mentioned the return of fellow Hornet Roy Stevens. Despite the past hardships and controversy surrounding the best school for Roy in Wetzel County, it was fitting to make mention of Roy’s much-celebrated return as a Hornet. It was a win for the Hornets.

There is no doubt in our minds that HHS’ students played a definite role in Roy’s return. Roy isn’t just a classmate to his fellow Hornets. He’s a friend. And although faculty at HHS could not publicly voice their opinions during the situation concerning Roy, they still took the time to notice their students’ hard work and dedication. This was mentioned Friday when handing out the “WOW” awards, giving recognition to the way students protested with drive and respect. The “Fall Awards” day, though held in January, seemed to be a nice conclusion to the chapter of success that was the Hornets’ first half of school.