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Drug Problem Growing

By Staff | Jan 6, 2016

In the recent months, many local arrests have involved one common denominator – drugs.

More and more are being arrested for trafficking, using and selling various drugs. The recent arrests of two men in New Martinsville involved heroin. There have been numerous raids and busts in local businesses and homes because of drugs. Drugs have destroyed so many lives, both young and old. It is sickening to see how so many are willing to lose everything, including jobs, family and even their own lives. Police are doing everything in their power to minimize and combat this destructive force that has a hold on so many. But this battle doesn’t begin with law enforcement. It begins at home. At school. At church. We can’t just assume that our kids will be fine, because they’re “good kids”. We can’t avoid the topic, and convince ourselves, “my child wouldn’t do drugs.” Many “good kids” make mistakes that lead them down the wrong path. They need to be taught the dangers of drugs early, and often.