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What Changes Need To Be Made for Schools?

By Staff | Nov 19, 2015

In recent weeks, parents, staff and students have been voicing their displeasure to the Wetzel County Board of Education.

The reason for their protests are recent changes, many of which they have attributed to new superintendent Leatha Williams.

Some have asked for her removal by the board, and rumors have surfaced about this topic. One of the issues raised has been the focus on standardized testing of the students, and the accusation that Williams is treating the students like a test score. But it has also been pointed out that Wetzel County has lower test scores than their neighboring counties.

The board notes that they have been focusing on raising those scores. If student achievement is not made in these schools, they will be either classified a priority or focus schools and/or could receive a letter grade of “F” from the West Virginia Department of Education. The state will then intervene in the schools and could appoint leadership, change school calendars, curriculum, etc.

One question that seems to be missing from these meetings, protest and comments is what happens if this comes to bear? Has anyone spoken to a member of the state school board or another school district that actually had the state intervene? This is a real possibility, and one wonders how that would work.