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Pit Bulls Are Being Unfairly Labeled

By Staff | Jul 1, 2015

It is another sad incident that a police officer shot and killed a pit bull. The officer had to defend himself. This is not the first incident involving a pit bull in this area and I hope this will be the last one.

But how can an entire breed be blamed? Over the years, pit bulls have been called vicious, banned and killed simply because they are pit bulls. But not all pit bulls are vicious, protective maybe, but why is the entire breed blamed? It goes back to the old saying “One bad apple ruins the whole bunch.” In this case, it is true.

Again, why is the environment that the animal came from questioned and not just his behavior in that moment? Dogs of any breed is an innocent animal much like children. When they are not cared for properly, then yes, they could turn vicious. Rather than the dog to suffer and put down, why aren’t the owners more heavily fined? Why are they allowed to get other animals after something like that happens? How are they allowed to keep or obtain more animals.

Middlebourne Council, who has been fighting this issue, has the right idea about heavier fines. Maybe then people will stop and think about their actions and the effect it will have on these animals.