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Check Out the Programs By Energy Express

By Staff | Jun 24, 2015

Back in February when we first heard the news of Energy Express coming to Wetzel County, we were ecstatic. What a wonderful way for local children to spend their summer! Energy Express, though it is a way for children to keep up academically through the summer, is not all about education. It’s about family and community, coming together and giving back. Children get two healthy, filling meals a day. They get to interact with other kids, as well as their mentors and volunteers.

We were shocked recently to learn there were several spots still open for children, especially at the Paden City location. We hope this is just because of lack of knowledge about the program being here, not because of disinterest.

A program’s livelihood in the area is not just about actually getting the program to the area. It’s about participation as well. And frankly, we find it disheartening that the volunteer level was also low on the first day.

It’s been said, and repeated within the columns of this paper plenty of times, that it takes a village to raise a child. The Wetzel County Board of Education and the local WVU extension office can only do so much. They can bring the programs to the community. But it’s up to the community to engage and use those programs for their betterment.