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Local Police Have Been Very Busy

By Staff | Jun 10, 2015

The police in Wetzel and Tyler County have had a very busy few weeks. It was recently reported that a fatal shooting occurred in Paden City Monday night. Over the weekend, two teenagers became the modern day Bonnie and Clyde causing havoc and ending in car chase in Sistersville and suffered the loss of the first K-9 in New Martinsville.

I think calling it a tough week for law enforcement is an understatement. Officers of the law have a tough job. They see and handle cases and situations that would make most people sick and break them mentally. Some how these men and women get up everyday, put on their badges and do it again. A lot of the days, officers do not receive the respect he or she deserves, but that has not stopped them from going out and doing their job.

While bury an officer, even a K-9, is hard not only for the handler, but for anyone that knew him. We at the Wetzel Chronicle and the Tyler Star News want to once again give our condolences to Detective and K-9 Handler Donnie Harris, his wife, Holly and the New Martinsville Police Department. But we also to give thanks and say great work to the all the officers that worked on the car chase and the fatal shootings.