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By Staff | Apr 15, 2015

We were absolutely disgusted when we heard the news of the two Wetzel County residents, featured on our front page, charged with child neglect with chance of bodily harm. These two individuals were discovered at New Martinsville’s Plaza Inn with various drug paraphernalia, including hypodermic needles. The most shocking is that these individuals were allegedly committing their heinous crimes so near their infant daughter.

These two have graced the pages of our paper before. Natasha Tedrow just recently had her probation extended for another year after admitting to having a positive drug test. Both individuals were convicted previously of conspiracy to deliver Subutex.

Notably, Burch allegedly admitted to the NMPD during this most recent arrest on April 9 that he had been shooting up Subutex.

Drug addiction is tragic. We’ve written about the tragedies seemingly countless times. Perhaps most tragic though is the thought of an innocent life, a baby, being unwillingly caught in the web of addiction. Every life has potential to be great. Putting a child in this sort of danger, subjecting it to this lifestyle, squanders that potential. Likewise, Tedrow and Burch were given the opportunity to learn from their past mistakes. They had potential, a fresh slate.

So many parents are doing everything in their power to keep their children away from drugs. It’s very sad that others would willingly, albeit allegedly in this case, put their child near drugs. At the most tender of ages, children learn through observation. If Mom and Dad are happily sticking needles in their arms, surely it is safe to do the same?

We are thankful for Patrolman Michael Owens and the NMPD for acting on the information they received that lead them to Burch and Tedrow, and subsequently, this infant. Surely it is not easy to witness these things first-hand. However, what could have been frightens us more.