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From Linda Roberts

By Staff | Mar 25, 2015

To The Editor,

I remember when New Martinsville used to be a beautiful clean town where people took pride in keeping their homes and property up.

Maple Avenue was a beautiful street with its Victorian homes and trees, Clark Street and North Street.

Today I am sorry to say that people only want a place to hang their hat. The town is rundown and filthy dirty.

The houses are rundown on Maple Avenue, North Street, and Clark. They need to be made to fix them up or tear them down.

Surely, there are laws that should stop them.

It’s not fair to the ones who try to keep their property in order and have to pay high taxes. It runs our resell value down.

Out here on North Street, there are three couches sitting there from one year to two on the porches.

Get with it and clean it up.

When people come to town what do they see out by the railroad tracks? Run down slums.

How can you sell property after its been condemned?

Another eye sore right on Route 2 is the Budget Inn motel. It looks like a low-class flop house.

Most of the curtains I think are the original ones which have been hanging for 50 years. It used to be nice and clean. My father built it, and he would be so ashamed of it today.

Doesn’t anybody care about anything anymore? No pride.

I don’t know who picks the flags for downtown but they must have their eyes closed when they order.

Can’t we get something neat and Victorian for our town.

Linda Roberts

New Martinsville