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A Lifetime Achievement

By Staff | Mar 25, 2015

No matter where you were Saturday, chances are you kept yourself updated on the Magnolia, Wheeling Central WV Class A Championship basketball game.

Whether you were listening by radio, watching a live feed via the internet, following the Wetzel Chronicle Facebook page’s updates, or sitting in the stands right there in Charleston where all the action took place, you probably felt the same effects we all did while witnessing the Blue Eagles soar.

The game was breathtaking. It caused our chests to tighten. It caused pitfalls in the stomach. However, we wouldn’t trade these mere minutes of anxiety for the memories we will carry for a lifetime.

Those boys may not realize it, but they did not just do something for their team-mates, nor for just their school. The win meant something to all of us, as a community. Whether you hail from Paden City, Hundred, Pine Grove, or even a neighboring county, you can take pride in a win from local, public school-an underdog perhaps. You can take pride in these everyday kids realizing their full potential. They discovered, or at least got confirmation, of just how talented and powerful they can be. You can take pride in a local high school basketball coach capturing his third state title. You can take pride in being a part of a community celebrating these victories.

The Wetzel Chronicle hopes to capture this moment in a special section that will be included in our April 8 edition. We just felt an accomplishment like this needs to be fully captured and put into print for what we hope will be a cherished keepsake. Watch for more details in next week’s Wetzel Chronicle and for the final publication on April 8.