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It Takes A Village

By Staff | Mar 18, 2015

We were pleased Tuesday when the Wetzel County Commission agreed to donate $2,000 toward the Bags of Bounty program, along with $500 for the Bags of Blessings program. These programs ensure that younger children at New Martinsville and Paden City schools do not go home from school on Fridays to face a weekend of hunger.

It’s a sobering but very real fact that Scott Richter of Bags of Bounty brought to the commission’s attention: one in three of West Virginia’s children do not know where or when their next meal might come.

We are very blessed to live in Wetzel County, where there are a variety of food pantries and charities that help the hungry. We firmly believe that where there is a will, there is a way, and we are thankful that folks like Scott Richter, Linda Goddard, Wilda Church, and many others exemplify such a strong will.

We hope that many others will show this will, as it is not yet determined how the Mountaineer Food Bank will come out of its current financial woes. This means that our food pantries’ futures are uncertain. The commission took a stand, yet for a longterm solution, it’s very well possible that local residents will need to follow suit. Whether you donate a lump sum or a can here and there, every little bit counts to bring about a world of change.