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Strike . . . Out

By Staff | Mar 11, 2015

We were so saddened Tuesday to hear the news that Bruce Lanes will be closing its doors for good on April 4. The facility in New Martinsville has been there for generations to host so many fun times and give birth to countless memories.

Unfortunately bowling alleys are quickly going the way of drive-in movies. We have seen them close all around us and have taken comfort that New Martinsville’s bowling alley has weathered the storm. . . until now.

The Craycraft family has operated a quality facility and tried their best to keep it as a bowling center. But after having it on the market for two years with the stipulation that it remain a bowling alley, the time had come to face the harsh truth. It just wasn’t going to be continued in their tradition.

We understand their problem and can only imagine that they are as heartbroken as the community at its demise.

We plan to print a story on Bruce Lanes’ history in next week’s edition.