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STEM Education Matters

By Staff | Feb 11, 2015

Needless to say, we were definitely impressed by what we saw at the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Championship at Valley High School on Jan. 28.

These students talk about their projects with pride, as they should. The time and effort and research put into what they do is not only astounding, but it’s inspiring as well.

We are also grateful to Technology Education Instructors Josh Weekley, Rex Rush, and Nikki Doty, for encouraging their students to try harder and to aspire to success. We tend to agree with Weekley when he states that Wetzel County dominates in STEM Education.

We also were glad to see several Wetzel County Board of Education employees at the STEM competition, including Superintendent Dennis Albright, Director of Secondary and Vocational Education Tammy Wells, Treasurer Jeff Lancaster, and Director of Ancillary Services Brian Jones. We think kids notice when adults are paying attention.

There’s a place for STEM education in these kids’ future. Whether their future consists of building computers, bridges, or automobiles, we’ll be proudly supporting them now and as they build on their dreams.