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Positive Growth

By Staff | Jan 21, 2015

The development of a Holiday Inn Express in New Martinsville is a wonderful thing for our community.

We are excited to see how our area will benefit from this positive growth.

It’s not just the simple addition of more rentable rooms in our county. This type of development fosters more. It encourages people to plan for weddings, meetings, and other events locally, when before they might have moved it to an area with better lodging options.

It will keep more business and industry people to stay locally and then spend more money locally for things such as meals, fuel, and necessary items.

It might even encourage more people to visit New Martinsville and Wetzel County as a whole since they will be better able to find a place to stay. So many times we hear of people who don’t even bother to try to find a hotel room here as they are so scarce.

This development may not be a manufacturing job. It may not bring 100s of high-paying jobs. But it will bring people and events.

It will contribute to the overall attractiveness of our community. For that we are very thankful.