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Graduation With Promise

By Staff | Oct 8, 2014

We could not have been happier Friday when we were able to witness the graduation of one of Wetzel County’s Drug Court participants. The ceremony wasn’t one of glitz and glamour, pomp and circumstance, but it didn’t need to be. It was moving and powerful all on its own: truly a triumphant moment in the area’s war on drugs.

Covering the news in Wetzel County’s Circuit Court . . . while a definite learning experience of how the judicial system can work, can be disheartening. This is definitely the case for drug-related offenses as well. We have heard and printed some terrible truths of drug addiction, mostly the havoc that the addict can even bring to their closest family and friends, as can be exemplified by the Dustin Moore story we covered this week.

Thanks to the drug court program though, there is hope for the Dustin Moores of the area. Not every defendant gets the chance of drug court. Sometimes it appears as if they are too far gone.

Furthermore, if they do get that chance . . . not every client of drug court will make it through the rigorous program. However Friday’s graduate showed that it is possible, with determination, dedication, and the support of true friends and family.