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Double XL Ego?

By Staff | Sep 3, 2014

A few hours before Keith Anderson took the stage at the Paden City Labor Day Celebration Sunday night, his soundman reportedly kicked local favorite Days Later off the stage before they had completed their set. Not only was it rude, but we were told by organizers it was done very loudly and with profanity.

Days Later, playing what was to be their last time as a band, had a special tribute of some sort planned for the end of their show. Their fans never got to hear it.

By the time the entire ordeal was over, a PCLDC organizer told us Main Street was completely void of people-completely. The lack of attendees obviously hurt the local groups trying to raise money with concessions, games, etc. The next two scheduled performs no doubt performed to small crowds, if anyone.

Anderson finally took the stage-45 minutes after his appointed time and after his soundman apologized from the stage for his behavior. For the record, organizers said Anderson was embarrassed by his soundman’s outburst.

But by the time the country singer played his few hits including “Double XL” and “Pickin’ Wildflowers,” the damage was done. Local music lovers felt the “Nashville star” was perhaps too big for his britches, even if they were a size XXL.