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Hope Still Remains

By Staff | Jul 23, 2014

It didn’t escape our attention that the front page this week seems to contain its fair share of bad news. When laying out the pages each week, we try to make sure there is a healthy balance of news – good and bad – for the front page; however, sometimes we just can’t escape reality that bad sometimes outweighs the good.

However Monday night, on the way from a Hundred city council meeting, we captured a simple moment in time, which you can see on the front of this week’s paper. Somehow this simple moment gave us a bit of hope, that in spite of bad news that seems to constantly roll into our office, life goes on, and there’s always hope for better, simpler moments ahead.

There is also hope in that the top story, while gruesome, offers a different sort of hope in that it appears that justice may be forthcoming in a disturbing incident that had the community stunned.

Justice is also the goal for the suspicious Limestone fire that obviously local authorities are trying to solve and for which they are seeking information.

So to those who help bring hope in other ways, we say thank you.