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Detachment Is Necessary

By Staff | Jul 9, 2014

We were shocked last week to hear the news that there had been talk of closing Hundred’s State Police detachment. We could not fathom how anyone would think this is a good idea.

Our thoughts align with those of our local leaders in that closing the detachment is a terrible option. Wouldn’t those who reside in and represent the immediate area know our area best and, in effect, know what is best for it? We think so.

We are grateful those local politicians were on the ball with this situation, as this important source of protection for our county could have been taken right from under noses.

The Hundred WVSP detachment is more than just a name or place. There are people working hard behind the scenes there to serve and protect the citizens of Wetzel County. We think these people are an important asset and we are glad our local leaders think so as well.