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Holding Out Hope

By Staff | Jul 2, 2014

The waiting game isn’t over, but it has at least changed.

While former Ormet workers, and really the whole community, still don’t know the fate of the local plant, we do know there is now a new owner.

Niagara Worldwide LLC has purchased the assets of the idled Ormet Corporation in Hannibal for $25.25 million. What they will now do with that acquisition is hard to tell, but we are happy to hear the company’s president say they are “trying to figure out how to convert on good people, good property, and a good region.”

Thank you, Niagara Worldwide, for being willing to take a chance on us-the facility and the people. It really meals a lot that you see the value.

Now we will hope they figure out how to make it viable and put some local people back to work. Those who lost their jobs are good people and they want to work, really they do.