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Strong Presence

By Staff | Jun 25, 2014

We are blessed to have such a strong law enforcement presence here in Wetzel County and New Martinsville. This blessing is evident when perusing the pages of this week’s Wetzel Chronicle.

This week we were able to highlight several photos from the first, very successful, June 14 community picnic, the product of a partnership between the Wetzel County Coalition Against Drug Abuse and the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department.

Likewise, on our front page, you can find the details of a search warrant and subsequent drug bust, executed by the New Martinsville Police Department.

Although drug abuse seems to be prominent within our news anymore, it appears law enforcement is doing their best to tackle the problem from all angles, whether through prevention methods at a young age, or whether a direct fight through a drug bust.

Regardless of their tactics, it makes us rest a bit easier knowing that our local guys in uniform are actively seeking solutions for a better and cleaner tomorrow.