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Free Because Of The Brave

By Staff | May 28, 2014

At the K of P Cemetery Monday morning, under a cloudless, blue sky, the names of those veterans who had passed on this past year were read. Heartfelt prayers for an end to wars and ensuing peace were emotionally given. Poetry was read. The flag was raised and we felt chills as each veteran saluted Old Glory. At the very end of the ceremony, taps were played.

This scenario, or at least similar ceremonies, were repeated throughout our area and across the country as we commemorated Memorial Day-a day set aside for those courageous Americans who give their lives for our country.

It almost seems unfair that civilians get this specific day off while there are still those all across the world defending the freedom of our country. How much worse it would be if we did not have these brave men and women on our side?

We all know someone who has stood up against those who wish to see our country fall. We hope you took the time Monday to remember our veterans-those who served in the past and those still serving on the front line or at the ready today. Our country can only be free thanks to these individuals.