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By Staff | May 7, 2014

Last week our area marked the National Day of Prayer in many ways. Yet they all had one common denominator-the obvious one-prayer.

Believers gathered together in churches, shelters, and no doubt other places, to pray for protection and direction for local and national government and officials, families, businesses, military, veterans, media, education, schools, churches, and families. In short, they covered us all and for that we are thankful.

We believe in the power of prayer and we know many, if not most, of you do too. Most people welcome any additional divine assistance and comfort that can be summoned.

So to those of you know said a special prayer that day, please know you are appreciated. And please keep the prayers coming, for us all.

With interesting timing, the United State Supreme Court also upheld prayer this week. They ruled that corporate prayers can be said at governmental functions. They can even mention a specific religious deity – presumably the most common in this Christian nation will be Jesus Christ. The one caveat is that the public prayer cannot intentionally, or perhaps forcefully, try to sway those at the gathering to convert to the religion that is invoked.

We think this is a fine ruling. It allows prayer and free choice.

We all hear things from time to time to which that we do not ascribe. Its mention or presence is not, in itself, overly offensive. The continued forcing of it on an unwilling participant is.

We think the Supreme Court got this one right and we are thankful that the right to pray before public meetings was upheld. Now if God will just uphold this nation, then we will no doubt all be thankful.