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Lesson Learned?

By Staff | Mar 19, 2014

We couldn’t help but notice a theme in a lot of the court proceedings on which we reported this week: repeat offenders.

Consequently the penalties for the charges at hand were much more stiff than you might expect. The repetitive nature generally increases the penalty.

That’s a pretty simple and common concept.

But what piques our thought process about these instances is the other end of the proverbial coin.

We all need to remember that people may indeed have a propensity to repeat bad behavior. That is exactly why the sex offender registry was even created. That listing, which is particularly available with the common presence of the internet, is in place to warn people that certain people with past criminal history may be dangerous. They may strike again.

It’s a horrible thought and we do understand “the benefit of the doubt”, but ask anyone who has experienced the ill effects of such reprehensible behavior. They will no doubt tell you that caution is advised.

We can all learn from past behavior.