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Winter Warnings

By Staff | Jan 8, 2014

It looks like the severely cold weather is behind us now, but we will no doubt have freezing temperatures and snow at least once again before the winter is over.

That is why we believe it is never a bad idea to remind people to take precautions in winter weather.

Many people have concerns for pets in the extreme cold, and for good reason. Yes, they are animals and they have an extra layer of protection with their fur, but it just isn’t enough in frigid temperatures. Please bring them inside or at the very least provide extra bedding and protection for them. Also be sure water is available to them, not frozen solid.

More tips to pet safety can be found in the story on this page.

Another concern that has been on our minds is the danger of carbon monoxide or fire from faulty heating devices. This is obviously a danger that could be fatal. Unfortunately we have seen the dire results of such problems in Wetzel County in the past. We don’t want to report on them again.

Please read the article about heating safety on this page and heed its advice.

Please be safe. Stay bundled up. Check on your neighbors and the furry members of your family.

We can all get through this, safely, together.