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Food For Thought

By Staff | Nov 20, 2013

We think the New Martinsville Ministerial Association has presented a great idea to the Wetzel County Board of Education.

Rev. Dr. Vic Hunter appeared before the board ?Monday night to propose that they participate in the Community Eligibility Option that would provide free meals to all elementary school students, including pre-kindergarten. It looks that Wetzel County would qualify for the program and at approximately $200,000, it is really a rather affordable option.

When it is considered that the cost is only about 15 percent of the board’s surplus last year, what it provides would be priceless to many.

Many people, particularly children, in this county are going hungry. In a world where food is bountiful, it is not accessible to all. This program might provide the only daily meals to some children. It is a harsh reality.

We hope the board finds a way to make free meals a new reality.