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Thank You, Veterans

By Staff | Nov 13, 2013

We are proud to be Americans and proud to be West Virginians-the state with the highest percentage of military involvement.

It says a lot about our people and our heritage that so many Mountaineers serve their country. This is also a place where people truly appreciate and honor veterans, because we are all touched by such service in one way or another.

Wetzel County hosted many Veterans Day events in the past week. One comment particularly struck a chord with us. John Brown said at Hundred High School that the willingness of Americans to serve is equal to the treatment of past veterans.

We believe that is true. We also believe that may well be why West Virginia’s tradition of military service continues. We honor our veterans, therefore more serve.

It seems that our great country, as a whole, has stepped up the honor we show our veterans. That bodes well for our future. For that, we are grateful.

Thank you to all who serve. Thank you to all who honor them. Thank you, from so many to so few who served so honorably.