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Needed: Information

By Staff | Sep 11, 2013

A newspaper is only as good as the information it contains. We strive very hard every week to bring you the best possible product that we can. We work hard to cover news and sporting events. We process the items you submit. We even offer an opinion or two on this page.

Sure, we don’t produce the most perfect paper every week. Actually, we are positive there are indeed mistakes contained in these pages each week. No matter how hard we try or how often we spellcheck, somehow those slip-ups slip through. We’re sure you notice them. We just hope you’ll be a bit forgiving, realizing everyone makes mistakes.

There are times these pages just can’t contain all the news of our area in a week. There are times we just can’t get it all covered — either all written or processed in time for the ever-looming deadline. And there are indeed times when we simply can’t get the information we need to keep you as informed as we’d like.

That last scenario is probably the most frustrating for us. We know a big event happened in Wetzel County. You know it happened. We may even know some of the details, but without an official willing to talk with us and share some of that information, we are at a loss for news. We ask that the reader and the officials understand our predicament. We can only print what we can confirm. We try to get all the news, but sometimes it’s simply not possible