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Choices, Not Circumstances

By Staff | Aug 28, 2013

Helping to foster healthier kids-and adults-in West Virginia is certainly a noble cause. We are all tired of ranking on the bottom of the scales that determine health and the top of the scales below our feet.

Therefore the ‘Our Children, Our Future’ initiative talked about at right is certainly a worthy fight. However, we can’t help but take exception to the statement that healthy foods are not accessible to West Virginians.

Have you ever been to a grocery store that did not offer fresh fruits and vegetables? We didn’t think so.

Have you ever walked past those fruits and vegetables to get a cupcake or candy bar? We thought so.

The problem is not in accessibility. Rather, the problem might be accessibility.

We’re all for promoting health and doing what is possible to facilitate healthier choices. But at the end of the day it is simply that-a choice. It must be made by us all.