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A Center Of Hope

By Staff | Aug 14, 2013

We were so pleased to hear the news Tuesday that a drug day report center will be opening in New Martinsville this fall. The center will serve both Wetzel and Tyler counties.

It is a facility that requires daily reporting by those sentenced to such an alternative system by our court system. At the center offenders will be evaluated and then go through various treatments and therapies. They will be required to complete community service. They must attend group therapy sessions such as AA.

This is not a cream puff program, letting offenders get off easy. Instead this is an intensive alternative to jail that will hopefully turn drug users into former addicts and productive members of society.

The drug problem here, and across the country, is creating an incredible drain on our society in so many ways. Hopefully this will be one small piece in a solution.

We look forward to seeing some real improvement in our community and a decrease in its drug problem.